Happy Halloween!

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10/31/2013 by syrbal-labrys


May you have more treats than tricks! I loved Halloween as a child, I took my younger siblings out and we walked until our feet threatened to fall off, lugging a growing bag of sugary loot! We hit out own neighborhood, of course; but also went long distances to the “good” side of town where better and bigger candy treats were given.

When we got home the candy was sorted by types and put into three pound metal coffee tins. These were put atop the refrigerator where they would be the source of all treats for most of the winter! Of course, our father, a candy lover as well, took his cut! We had to fight him for the Snickers bars! A fair number of those were eaten on the route….to be sure we got OUR share!

And those innocent days saw home-made popcorn balls and apples, without fear of razor blades, too. We often made delicious buttery home-made taffy which we wrapped in squares of waxed paper as our own offering to the trick-or-treat crowd! I miss those days…I think old style Halloween helped build communities to be honest. You got to know your neighbors by which treat —some houses were sought out for the best popcorn balls; and one lady had caramel apples! (We only lived there for one year, damn it!)

We have no trick or treat crowd here in our neck of suburbia…no sidewalks and the kids stay in their little development enclaves or are driven to the mall to do the whole store-to-store indoors. It seems a rather sadder thing, being linked to luring parents to shop instead of kids calling to each other down the blocks, “Mrs. Sherman has Reese’s cups this year!”

And no, I don’t dress up and go trick or treating anymore…BUT (you knew politics would come in, right?) THIS is my treat this year!


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