Wednesday Woozle Post – Loving Thieves

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10/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

photo copy Everyone knows I adore my pet ferrets. People think they are just terrible bitey, nippy little thieves. Even the most abused ferrets I rescued only bit out of fear and for self protection, although kits do need to be taught that play biting must be very gentle indeed since we people are thin-skinned wussies compared to ferrets and other mustalids.

As for thievery, well, they do take anything that appeals to them and they stash it away in favorite cache-points and get very upset when my housecleaning disturbs their pilfered treasures. But this morning, I was reminded of how Robin Hood-like they are, if being thieves is what they must be known for!

Once the little old lady, Helen, had her run and was asleep in the nest of tissue paper in the thin morning winter sunlight by the French doors; it was time to scoop her up and put her into the fluffy clean blankets of her cage. Then I let Farley, the Formerly Fat, and Candy out to play. They are usually eagerly awaiting me at the door of the cage. Not this morning.

To my surprise both ferrets were still curled in the fleece hammock, although wide awake and they looked so endearing it clenched my woozle-loving heart! More when I tried to lift Candy into my arms….for her food was caught, a claw trapped in some stitching. She couldn’t leave the hammock without ripping her tiny claw. And Farley had stayed at her side all the long morning. I unhooked the hammock, put Farley on the carpet and carried Candy and the hammock to my desk to use scissors to cut her free. Nails will be clipped later to ensure there is less chance of this happening again. Ferrets rarely make much noise, so they had no way call me to their aid in the night.

Candy ran to her treat tin, where she starts each morning with a snack. She was trembling violently. She needed a litter box, too…so she must have been trapped most of the night in the hammock. She was starving and thirsty. Both ran to the water dish with fair desperation. And Farley attacked Helen’s leftover breakfast dish with vigor. And yet he stayed at her side all through the long hungry, thirsty night. Profiles in loyalty and love….not just for people any more.


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