10/26/2013 by syrbal-labrys

KissIt…but not too busy to note that someone finally said what I think EVERY time I see the “stars and bars”.
That it is the flag of traitors, and to my mind, anyone proudly displaying it IS treacherous, and not anything resembling a patriot.

So, yes, all you yahoos with it on the back of your pick-up truck here in Washington State? We are pretty generally proud to be called “damned Yankees” here….so hey, drive south and keep going right on OFF the Florida Keys. And as a veteran (reading the list of dead troops at the Labyrinth tonight), wife of a veteran, mother of veterans, and daughter and grand-daughter of veterans? You may kiss my unrepentantly loyal ass!

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4 thoughts on “Busy….

  1. LanceThruster says:

    Tru dat!


  2. spirilis says:

    While I don’t agree with the sentiments of the Stars&Bars, sadly the Stars&Stripes is a traitors flag as well.

    • Pieces of cloth are nothing in and of themselves. A flag is not treacherous or traitorous at all…it is the sentiments of those raising said banner that bear the onus of sedition or betrayal.

      I know more people quite loyal and untreacherous flying the stars and stripes. I tend to disregard politicians wearing it on their lapels.

  3. Unfortunately, that was not the one people were flying in front of the White House within the last few weeks.

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