Friday Freak-Out: If There Was Passage To Book….

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10/25/2013 by syrbal-labrys

…to a place where women don’t have to live in such fear of rape that they photo willingly mutilate their own daughters to hide puberty, or a place where women enjoying sex is considered such a risk that every little girl must have their clitoris excised to be considered properly marriagable, or a place where the rape victim was not blamed as the cause of her own suffering, humiliated, shamed, possibly murdered in the attack or soon thereafter by either her own family or the rapist’s family….

Or where a woman can determine whether or not to bear an accidental, or rape induced pregnancy? Where every woman can determine when, whom, or IF to marry? Where every woman is paid the same as men doing the same job? Where every woman can obtain contraceptives legally, affordably, and without running to different pharmacies because somebody thinks refusal to become a brood mare on two legs is a religious obligation?

Where would that be? “Peter Pan” was all about a place boys could go to escape growing up; seems to me more women have cause to fear growing up. Where is our “Neverland”, where we can be pirates, or perhaps become mermaids and swim far, far away?

What if, tomorrow, instead of the poles of the planet doing the rapid sci-fi film reversal, the roles of life were reversed? What if men had to be so very careful of their every clothing choice, of whether and where they relaxed and had a casual drink, of what they said and where they went and how late at night it was when they went. What if tomorrow, they were paid as little as women in Louisiana, for example can be —sixty seven cents to each man’s full dollar? What if they could suddenly find themselves pregnant by accident, by rape, and be told they should have crossed their legs?

Yep, it is Friday…and just when I think I cannot be more distressed and depressed about the lives of women, I find a story that sinks me into a mental Mariannas Trench. And I think every woman might possible need knuckles of more than brass.


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