Don’t Let the Door Hit ‘Ya


10/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuckKey ally, my ass. The House of Saud has presumed to give orders to us for decades because we want their precious oil. So, now, they go on and on about telling us to go kick Syrian ass and not to talk to those Shiite bastards in Iran.

Fuck ’em. If Tony Blair caught hell for being a lapdog to America, what should we be getting for being a lapdog to the fucking Saudi royal asshat? These guys still stone women and chop off hands…and oh, yes, birthed bin Laden. They are NOT our friends.

P.S. And the ones visiting the U.S. must be out to prove that they really ARE friendly….with 13 year old boys in casino bathrooms, that is. I just love how his attorney thought he should get off because he was “too drunk.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Door Hit ‘Ya

  1. Sixbears says:

    Thank you. For years I’ve been saying they aren’t our friends and that oil has distorted the whole relationship.

    They can pound sand.

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