Be Very Afraid — Ruining Rainbow For Me


10/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1we the peopel are [isedSome parts of my life were lived in a military bubble. Entire segments of popular American music, movies, and television are voids in my memory because I missed them while overseas and at the mercy of the Army’s idea of what would be seen on Armed Forces Networks. Some years ago, on the radio, I found myself spellbound and delighted by an old song by a group called “Rainbow”, called “Man on the Silver Mountain”. I couldn’t believe I had never heard it before!

Now, I fear I won’t ever be able to listen to it again! Digby details the wild Domninionist dreams for Ted Fucking Cruz (Yes, of course, that is his middle name…how does everyone not know that?!), as they have apparently annointed him as a “king of the seventh mountain.” Too close by half….even if Cruz didn’t have these guys as friends.

Also, because the WordPress ‘like’ button is NOT working AGAIN (or at least not amending my list to the right):

Sic’ Em, Alan!

What antibiotic-resistent germ crisis? Say it ain’s so, CDC?

The dead have more rights than a woman?

And on the “All I Want For Christmas” list? Not my two front teeth, thanks…but a rule on wage ratio!


2 thoughts on “Be Very Afraid — Ruining Rainbow For Me

  1. Marcus says:

    I found Rainbow while based in Germany. CD’s at the exchange were $18, but on the economy (where the exchange rate was 4 to one) I could get the same CD downtown for less than $5. I lived in the barracks, so many a day off was spending a good part of my pay converting my record collection to CD. In the process I was given many good suggestions of “if you like X, you may want to try Y”. Since I had a Deep Purple CD in my hand one day, I was told that Richie Blackmore was part of Rainbow, and the rest is history. If you like Ren Fair/Medieval music, his latest group (with his wife, Candice Night) Blackmores Night, has some nice stuff. From a live show, “The Village Lantern”;

    • Oddly, I found Blackmore’s Night FIRST….when I am in the mood it is a fine thing.

      I had small children the last tour in Germany….I had NO money, lol.

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