Again? Really, Again?


10/22/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1ammosexuals There is something so wrong with a man coming home from serving in war as a Marine, and dying on a schoolyard at the hands of a 12 year old shooter.

Yeah, I GET that many shooters have mental issues. But since America doesn’t address THAT issue very well either, couldn’t we possibly consider making it harder for people to have guns so easily at their disposal?


2 thoughts on “Again? Really, Again?

  1. Squathole says:

    Did you see this?

    I’m not sure it’s real…..but I fear it might be. How do the powers that be tolerate this kind of raw cruelty and stupendous ignorance?

    • :::shakes head::::

      Now, see, this….THIS sort of shit is the origin of wishful retributive thinking religion. Cause damned if I wouldn’t sign back up to be Catholic if I could see that fat bastard spinning in hell for saying that kind of shit. ::::spits::: Except in this case, at least, it is apparently not true. Reading further down, the dufflebag writer says he is an officer — bitter, ptsd’d sort who enjoys writing “farcical” stories. Not that I think Limbaugh wouldn’t LOVE to say it…

      It was looking at titles of other posts that tipped me. Like “military considers assigning rank to spouses”….that one has seen mileage forever, as so many officers’ wives used to be all ‘I’m Mrs. LtCol Pain-in-your-ass! Obey me!”

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