Dear Democrats & Undear Asshats

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10/20/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I do not want to go through the mess just ended again in January or February. Stop being nice. Shake some media trees to show on NATIONAL TELEVISION that the folks in front of the White House were not just stacking downed barricades against Obama’s fence, but were flying Confederate flags. In other words? Stop acting so mannerly and British-like.

Yes, from now till the 2014 elections, I want you to press those Tea-bagger Bastards HARD. They keep saying you are not compromising and not negotiating. Make if fucking SO! Cause hey, if they want to accuse you of it, it is time to warrior up and show them how it is done!

(Edit) AND, for your Asshats who voted for what would have sent the US into default? Fuck you all very much. I hope you all die in fires caused by smoking in bed. (The bottom list of ‘nays’)

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