Friday Creepy Five! October 18th


10/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

cookies(1) Zombies, zombies, zombies! Or, why you really SHOULD check your credit history annually. Why not on October 31st…

(2) When the GERMANS tell you that your democracy is in trouble, it’s creepy, cause they should, like KNOW, right? (Also, they know what extortion is!)

(3) Don’t be a bear about the yeti! Well, not a polar bear, anyhow…and not just yet. (I know, I know shoot me for bad punnage attempt.) Seriously, tho’? Bears have CLAWS and those footprints have none, what, we have a polar bear cross with retractable claws??

(4) Calm yourself or into the cage with the hyena you go! At least, in Somalia….crap, I’d become a pirate, too, with choices like THAT.

(5) Turn off the tap! Because even in China, they know water is the next shortage!

2 thoughts on “Friday Creepy Five! October 18th

  1. eldri says:

    the local folks in those mountains talk about at least *three* kinds of ‘unknown to European’ Physical critters.(steering clear of Spirits,etc.) up there–two ape-like, (one small, one more or less human sized; and a Big one, commonly described as “bear-like”
    –I am guessing this would be the latter..

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