So, How Long…


10/15/2013 by syrbal-labrys

TickingMy Minotaurish husband sent me this article. Each of its sections fascinates and horrifies in a different manner.
And for me, possibly because I get called a pessimist, in spite of insisting that I am a realist who has no rose-colored glasses; I wonder how long it is before these stories could be said to represent large segments of American life. If they don’t already, that is?

I look at the images of Detroit, most recently on “60 Minutes” where a heavily camera-viewed downtown is re-vitalizing while the outskirts decay and are ripped down to be FARMED upon. That interior core is populated with imports, largely white….while the outskirts are filled with black faces and desperation.

We all happily point at Russia; but we hesitate to see it as a mirror.

2 thoughts on “So, How Long…

  1. jdlawes says:

    It’s like a Republican dreamtime; the “takers” are left to sink back into bottomless poverty…

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