Left Hand, Right Hand; Snarling Illogicality

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10/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

moral compass?I think the Dominionists are getting into the invisible slipstream of American thought. I say that with a rather snarky tongue-in-cheek. Because I see things that really are literally Biblical grade stupid all around me. Now, I CAN say that, because I DID read the Bible once upon a time. I recall a bit where Christ, criticizing the televangelist types of his day, trying to point out that spiritual life and good works are better done secretly, advised not letting one hand know what the other hand was doing.

I see trends of this, quite unhealthy in degree, in American life. And I suddenly find I can’t call it mere hypocrisy with ease anymore, because I honestly don’t know IF that is what it is, or if the Americans doing it have grown so snarled in illogicality that they are unaware of the dichotomy they create with their choices. Sometimes it is so glaringly, blindingly crazy that it simply MUST be lies and hypocrisy:

A GOP that rails against abortion because “OMG, the babies!” on one hand, but on the other hand, blocks programs to FEED babies that were not in fact aborted. That is grand-standing for effect and then backpedaling the built in responsibility to CARE about the child “saved” to life — hypocrisy.

A GOP that shrilly supports 2nd Amendment rights on one hand, while slipping to a political down low to destroy voting rights on the other? Well, yes, simple hypocrisy again.

But the confusing ones? Some of them are done by ordinary citizens.

1coscoFor instance, we have a grocery store strike looming here locally. If they strike, I won’t be shopping at Fred Meyer, one of the stores locked in seemingly fruitless negotiations. I will shop at Costco, at Winco, and at my military Commissary. On the news a brainless shopper was seen saying “Well, yes, I’ll cross the picket lines, I have to have groceries,” —- as if there WERE no options. Sadly, THAT kind of stupid I am used to in a sense. What I do NOT get is the strikers….a few months ago, some of these union members were picketing in front of Winco, pissed off that Winco employees did not WANT to join their union; so their signs urged me not to shop at this independent employee-owned store. (And why did they not picket Walmart or Sam’s Club?) I would assume they feel the same about Thriftways. And yes, also on the news? That union employees, in preparation for a strike, were APPLYING for jobs at these non-unionized stores. Alrighty then, it’s ok to tell me not to SHOP there, but hey….it is also alright to seek a JOB there?

And then, this kind of crazy happens in bureaucracies, specially military ones. For instance, tons of equipment are shipped off to war zones. Everything from tanks and hummers to humongous trucks, and sometimes, such equipment is abandoned as too used, too sand-blasted to waste the money shipping it back home. And yet, in theater, such things are valued over human life, if not officially at least in practice.
Civilians have been killed in every war when, for instance, a two and a half ton truck crosses paths with a moped. And the drivers are told “Hey, getting the truck through is what counts, fuck ‘them’ who get in your way!” So, another “for instance”, a driver of something like a huge MRAP who turns the wheel too quickly aside so as to not hit a fleeing child in his path, would presumably be in deep shit for wrecking the truck — if he didn’t die in the crash. So, the truck is worth more than the human life, but not worth shipping home? Color me confused.

And finally, when politicians do it, the illogical meter is pegged in the stratosphere. The GOP tells us that their entire engineered shut-down is because of budgetary concerns stretching into the future of our (presumably not aborted OR starved to death) children. They cannot conceive of affording the Affordable Care Act, in spite of the fact that several less endowed European nations DO afford even more costly and complete health care for their citizens.(Possibly by not spending billions on war?) So they have to ‘save’ us that expense by costing us millions daily in terms of America’s currently fragile economy. Gee, they have to cost us jobs, money, security…even possibly endangering more allegedly holy children’slives, to ‘save’ us from the “tyranny” of health care? I mean, seriously, calling democracy a tyranny? Sure, in the old sense of Greek philosophy, that would apply. But we are a democratic REPUBLIC and the mere reign of demagogues is allegedly NOT a danger? Is this one mere hypocrisy, or are they just that damned stupidly confused? Have mental facilities abandoned all real critical thought processes? Or are the motives hidden here…do they label as “tyranny” anything involving a loss of profit for the rich corporations that pay them above their salaries?

I feel I am losing my ability to tell the differences between out and out lies, hyperbole, stupidity, and outright madness. It feels more like something clinically awry, as if lead poisoning has gone endemic in American brains. I’ve grown unhappily accustomed to seeing tattered men standing on city street corners screaming at passers-by and railing loudly and crazily against everything in sight; but now? Now, it is the driver in the car right BESIDE me, waving arms and screaming at me through two layers of window glass!
And I’m glad I am not on a moped.


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