The Weekend, Oh, and Yes, Fuck Columbus Day

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10/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I stopped “celebrating” Columbus Day long before it was trendy. This story very adequately sums up the very good reasons why I do not consider Columbus Day anything worth celebrating. However, since society doesn’t much care for those who rock the boat, I don’t expect to see Bartolome Day any time soon. More is the pity.

I also don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Bite me. Because, (1) We later savagely repaid kindness from the Amerindians (one or two of which number in my ancestors) with our best attempts at genocide. When I say this, I am usually told, “Well, yes, that was unfortunate. But it is good to set aside a day to give thanks for what we have, don’t you think?” Well, then, so a shitty quasi-religious excuse, is it? I am pagan….I have my own freaking days to feel (a) harvesty, and (b) grateful —so no, I don’t need THIS holiday either.

And as for “unfortunate”? Well, not it wasn’t unfortunate…it is unfortunate when the puppy piddles on your slippers. It is unfortunate when you can’t find your keys and get to work late. What happened to the inhabitants that beat both Columbus and the freaking Pilgrims (who only wanted to be here to be free to be MORE intolerant and ass-like than was allowed in England) to this continent was atrocious, in the sense of being literally an atrocity.

So, yes…this part of fall, my favorite season makes me snarky, angry, and harsh. Shove those cardboard turkey cutouts the same place everyone knows I think Hummer drivers should put their yellow magnetic ribbons!


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