Friday Creepy SIX … And a Side of Snark

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10/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Wednesday this week was a perfect day for me. Then Thursday dawned and all I wanted was a Friday, again. I want my Fridays earlier every week!

(1) Winning in the “We’re all gonna die” category: scientists have found a new botulism toxin that is NOT neutralized by anti-serums available. This stuff scared them so much that they left out bits in their published paper for fear of it being weaponized. Me? I’m freaked out enough by the fact that they find their botulism samples in baby poop!

(2) In the “Pie in the Sky” category: I know this guy means well, but it creeps me the hell out that he pretty much gives up on us humans learning to live together in THIS life time. Learning to live together in the “afterlife” just doesn’t strike me as a priority. Does it never occur to these people that if we RECONCILED with each other right here and bloody NOW, we wouldn’t NEED to do it in some mythological clouds and harps-ville?

(3) Hamid Karzai is a crooked, two-faced asshat, (Oh, yay! America’s fav kind of puppet!) who claims NATO has done naught but hurt ‘his’ country. Someone should remind him who GAVE him ‘his’ country and how long it would have been his without NATO and the US. Fucker.

(4) I don’t drink sodas. But if I did, it likely wouldn’t be Coca-Cola, and it makes me curious how they are taking a strange cue from oil/airline pricing for possible new vending machines: prices that change with the weather?! Mind you, right now these machines DROP the price with high temps, but paranoid me, I wonder how long before it increases….just like gas prices before every holiday!

(5) I don’t know if this is creepy, weird, or optimistic….but “Wake up and smell the peanut butter?

(6) And hey, tracking the hell out of you and stealing data? Not just for the NSA anymore! Again, the term “fuckers” comes to mind.

And the promised snark? The headline: Ted Cruz: Democrats’ new bogeyman”. Cruz isn’t a bogeyman. He is a narcissistic asshat. Dear CNN, get the difference into your heads….this is a man willing to crash a country for his own political currency. A real “bogeyman” scares the shit out of you and you can never get a look at one in the light; Cruz makes me want to spit on the ground and take up smoking. But hey, thanks for the photos….my dart board needed a new target. :::::hits ‘print’::::

Oh, and more snark, because trying to say Ariel Castro died while strangling himself while jerking off…hey, dudes? (1) I don’t give a shit, and (2) I think it highly unlikely. Come on, he was likely murdered, enough whitewash wasted.


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