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10/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

gop-middle-fingerI caught the news on television the other day. There was a bit of a tumult over the private gym for Congress-critters being open even though its employees were sent home. And one of those privileged to within-an-inch-of-any-normal-citizen’s life types….a GOP Congressman, justified this by saying “Well, it is a comfort in difficult stressful times.”

Wow. You know what else is a comfort, you giant asshat? Having food for your children —something many poor parents don’t have as you let the WIC program die of lack of funding. Also, for veterans, getting your disability pay on time, so you can…oh, fuck I don’t know, pay for gas or part of the bloody rent. And I imagine cancer patients awaiting life-saving procedures would be “comforted” by getting to LIVE and not die. And oh, the big one? Getting a fucking paycheck for your federal job!

Having a private gym is a comfort to you fuckers? How nice it must be to not need worry about pay, food, or such mundane things that the citizens you allegedly represent have to concern themselves with every bloody month. And me? I am afraid to turn on the news this morning….afraid to find out if the government is going to be funded for “six weeks” (Really, fucking six weeks, so we can ‘negotiate’ with fucking GOP extortionists AGAIN in December? Merry Fucking Christmas, America!) And I am afraid to find out what has been sacrificed on the Tea Party altar of ego for that six weeks worth of pay.

But gee, that private gym comforts you? I hope a goddamned barbell falls on your and “comforts” your BALLS! And every time some twit on television from EITHER party says “It is time to bury the hatchet…”?
I have some highly specific ideas on WHERE to bury those hatchets!

Edit: And since I AM in high-snark mode? Maybe the Patience that was NOT is fed up and maddened by elephant images being used/abused by the obviously mad Rethuglicans?

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