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10/09/2013 by syrbal-labrys

photoWhy am I wishing the week away? Oh, because even on Monday I was fed up and sick of various kinds of weapons-grade stupidity.

The Republicans still think it isn’t ‘that big of a deal’ if America renders herself unable to pay her bills on time. Can you tell that none of them have ever been close enough to real life to know what happens to the average person when he/she doesn’t pay a bill?

The toxic mess continues in Fukushima, while America whistles on about how that couldn’t happen here.

And YES, THIS is the ‘master race’ come to save us all from our addled multi-cultural selves, right? They look like the same “white power” tattoo’d idiots I saw on my last road trip….the ones that couldn’t understand why the fish in the aquarium wouldn’t “Hold still, damn it, so I can take your picture.” I particularly like the guy SHOOTING at a cockroach…what they never heard of Raid?

And why don’t people have to be licensed to rear children? ‘Cause I’m here to tell you, “maternal instinct” is NOT how it works…cause, DAMN!

And then, the story is good, but the picture is better….gee, who pissed in Boehner’s corn flakes?

Meanwhile, we ALL keep pissing in our oxygen producing bowl of cornflakes ocean, and it is going to bite us in the ass in the end. That is, if we don’t broil ourselves first.

And again, Mr. Terminally-Bad-Hair-Day in N. Korea is screaming “Me, Me! It’s all about ME!” Do you think he would be mad that things are so fucked up everywhere else that he just sounds like the comic relief?

Good thing I have my own personal escape pod from the outside world, eh?


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