GOP Fuckitude — Sure They Care About the Troops (NOT!)


10/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys

UnknownLook at these names*, please:

Jeremiah Collins
Jennifer Moreno
Patrick Hawkins
Joseph Peters
Cody Patterson

Those are US Army members who were killed in Afghanistan this week AFTER the government shutdown. Lt. Jennifer Moreno was a nurse from our local base. Her family has no benefits paid, including the usual housing allowance. So, imagine being the unlucky team sent to inform family members of their terrible loss….not only do they get to tell them of a permanently empty place at their tables henceforth, but they get to relay the news that because of the government shut-down, the insurance will NOT be paid, nor will burial benefits.

Those families have my sincere sympathy for their terrible loss. And the GOP has my enduring and continuing enmity for the continued fuckitude of black-mailing a country and a President to have their way in spite of not being able to win it at the ballot box. For the GOP to now backpedal and say “Oh, well, gee whiz, we didn’t mean that wouldn’t happen…surely it is just like paying active duty troops and not meant to stop,”….. I’d say you bozos did not clearing think through the consequences of your extortion, did you? Maybe the Pentagon simply has lawyers whose brains still WORK, whereas the brain cell cycle in the Tea Party is under serious doubt.

And again, to demand “negotiation” and “conversation” when what you want is capitulation is not exactly working in good faith.

* I do not have all the names to account for 16 said killed since October 1st.


6 thoughts on “GOP Fuckitude — Sure They Care About the Troops (NOT!)

  1. Squathole says:

    Does ANYbody give a rat’s ass about the families of deceased veterans? I just came across this appalling lack of respect (even by contemporary standards):

    • I think they prefer dead soldiers….and would like it better if they all could be orphans with no wives/husbands. I think all they care about veterans for at all is to haul them out as a sort of physical political currency, like a horse to be beaten that isn’t quite dead yet.


  2. Grung_e_Gene says:

    The only troops they care about are those whom they can use to further their agenda of oppression and subjugation. They are fakes and grave robbers who have no right to speak for the dead.

    • I know I feel like issuing a “STFU” order to them….I am so outraged and furious at their ass-covering lies. Levin stood there on 30 Sept. and TOLD them this would happen, and they basically paid no attention.

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