Oh, Let Me Not Be Obvious


10/05/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Samhain WalkI avoided the title that left to mind. Yesterday, as I ripped out bits of my garden and cut back the roses, a man in Washington D.C. lit himself afire with gasoline in the National Mall.

Oh, the fun is just beginning….is this how it shall go? A death per day until the Republicans stop painting themselves into deeper corners of darkness as heroes saving Americans from the dreaded power of health insurance?


4 thoughts on “Oh, Let Me Not Be Obvious

  1. A death a day? A single death? The rotters need far more blood than that.

    • Possibly not if it was THEIR blood, since only things connected deeply and personally seem to affect them.

      • badtux99 says:

        The two bodies thus far on the Mall have been black, first that crazy black woman that tried to crash the barricades because Obama was speaking inside her head (yep, it’s Obama’s fault!), now this black man. So they don’t really count as far as the teabaggers are concerned. Or maybe they just count as 3/5ths.

      • Too sadly true. 😦

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