Teeth Pulled, But Not Clawless…


10/03/2013 by syrbal-labrys

skull-tolling…or maybe, for the GOP, it is the other way around? As Jobsanger says, the House Republicans screwed themselves with their monomaniacal insistence on killing Affordable Care. You know someone really has lost it when they say things like “We won’t be disrespected.”

Oh, right, because this is all about you dudes making over $170,000 (and bitching about it) a year WITH good health care; not about the 15% or so of Americans with NO health care whatsoever and living on incomes so tiny that the choice “food or gas?” is a depressingly regular occurrence.

I grew up in such a household. My father forced my mother and I to join the Mormon Church so we could get food and fuel through the cold Idaho winters; and they paid HIS hospital bill though he did NOT join as he was a drinker. These days, even the LDS Church could not afford the medical bills. And as religiously guided hospitals have shown, you might not like the care. I mean, hey, just how sexy IS the idea of “redemptive pain”?

So, the GOP, used to Obama’s entirely too conciliatory ways, thought they could bend him over one more time and get rid of a law that will HELP Americans get more medical care without bankruptcy being the bill. But you see, at this point it isn’t just health care: it is about one party undoing a perfectly LEGALLY VOTED-INTO-BEING LAW. And IF that is allowed to happen? Yeah, America, let’s recall that song from the old Cold War bomb drills….bend over and kiss your asses goodbye. Because a thus emboldened Tea Party will send American women back to the Dark Ages. Education will become something only those rich enough to LEAVE the country will get. Everyone else will get “programming” with a bent towards kowtowing to the rich, and that “pie in the sky” is going to be promised and never delivered. I believe the term pinging the back of your brain is “serf”…cause yeah, that IS the aim of the 1%ers. I don’t care what the moron media are telling you about it being the fault of BOTH sides, only one segment of one party is demanding roll back of a law that will benefit Americans.
1gun control And guns..oh let’s not forget that they will tell us we are “free” because we are armed. Because yes, that will fix EVERYthing else that will be taken from us. When someone is dying in agony because their pre-existing condition denied them health care (because big insurance companies don’t want LOSSES to explain to rich investors), you can just mercifully leave a loaded gun at bedside, right? Heaven waits, right? Oh, wait….scratch that; suicide even when dying already in agony is a sin.
And when you can’t find work at a livable wage, hey, a gun means you can go out at night and rob some other poor schmuck working at an all night store, because hey, the store is insured anyhow. Course, then, when the cameras identify you, and the cops come for you, Bad Boy? You better hope they are sleepy or something, cause trust me, you are NOT better armed. They will drive their MRAP right through your pitiful walls.
But you can hunt, right? You been watching those “Survivor” shows and “American Sportsman” and all that shit, so surely you can find some GAME to put on the table? (But seriously, are you going to eat THAT?)My father could and did hunt, he also always won at cards. We still nearly starved. I’ve helped skin coyotes on the kitchen table…for the $2 bounty. I’ve helped dress deer, and cleaned countless quail, pheasant, duck, rabbit, and squirrels. Talk about your trendy “paleo” diet….hey I LIVED that happy horseshit. Going through a winter never seeing a piece of fruit is so much fucking fun. And unless you live WAY out in the woods or can get there easy? Well, you city boys are in big trouble. (And WOW, the “fun” begins!)

But hey, I’m sure I’m just an alarmist bitch. I betcha all will be well, as you shoot those other good ole boys trying to siphon gas out of your car or making away with the propane tank in winter. What the hell am I worried about, eh? Guns fix EVERYThing. That is the ace card of the Rethuglican Party, that us “Liberals” want to take away guns and give you food, education and health care. Damn, what the fuck WERE we thinking? Bunch of stupid humanists, we are? So, hey, no worries in a couple weeks when those good old GOP boys crash the US credit ratings and the rest of the world decides our money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed upon….you know, when the pouty-faces refuse to up the debt limit so we can continue to pay our bills*? Because this flunked-kindergarten shit IS the new normal and trust me IF Tom Jefferson (NOT Jefferson Davis) came back to “water the tree of liberty” with the blood of tyrants? Hey, I don’t think he’d be looking into the Senate Chamber….just saying.

*Pssst…those bills wouldn’t be so high of course, if we hadn’t had the GUNS of a couple really expensive wars to pay for; but that ain’t no skin off your teeth, right?


4 thoughts on “Teeth Pulled, But Not Clawless…

  1. Sixbears says:

    Of course we get to keep our guns. Ammo on the other hand . . .

    Anyway, I too am fed up with the “I’m going to take my ball and go home” crew. It’s fine to take away health care, head start, and anything else the poor use. I’ve a son-in-law who’s job just became “non essential.” Never saw him this mad in his whole life. Did not know he could get this mad. He works for an agency who tries to keep people in their houses. Most of the people have to be denied because they have big unpaid medical bills and it hurts their credit.

    We may be looking at the last days of the Republican party. Their nut job wing is more than willing to crash the world economy. We know where to place the blame.

    I’m one of the uninsured. That though occured to me as I fell off a ladder and landed on my back in the driveway. When I came to, I was happy to have no broken bones. Some people would go to a hospital to get checked out. It’s not in my budget.

    This “deny poor people health care” is getting personal.

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