That Word ? Not What You Think It Means….

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10/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1sick of patriotismThe word? “Negotiate”….which is what the GOP keeps saying the Democrats will not do. Well, you know, likely they would ‘negotiate’ in good faith…..but of course, that is NOT what Boehner and his Tea Party masters want.

Boehner? The word you are looking for, but really don’t want to use is CAPITULATE.

And no, I do not recommend that anyone capitulate to these asshats. They lie about the Affordable Care Act to scare Americans about it, AFTER they made sure they messed it up back when they DID VOTE IT INTO LAW. They want to make sure it fails, and they want to stop people from even beginning to use it; because when the word gets out that uninsurable people will no longer have to go bankrupt due to ER visits….it WILL be popular.

And of course, they are MOST afraid of guys like this, Republicans who convert to loving the ACA!


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