A Word From My Betters

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10/01/2013 by syrbal-labrys

BN-PrZXCYAAfFgvSo, the Rethuglicans got their way and shut it all down. Gee, you guys didn’t learn much about polls and reading material, did you? You remember back in 2012 about this time, ya’ll were SURE Mitt was going to be President? Right up to the bitter end of that chilly November night, the GOP was positive he was WINNING?

That is because you only looked at polls that said what you wanted to hear and did the fingers-in-ears-lalalala bit with any other objective bit of information. And from the looks of it, you are doing that AGAIN. You think you can cost the USA a fortune, make almost a million households do without a paycheck, and generally scare the hell out of most of the country and then successfully BLAME it on the man in the White House who whipped your dude, Romney? Not so fucking much…and I am not alone in thinking you have REALLY screwed up, now.

Because yes, you ARE turds in America’s punchbowl.

And go tell Betty how YOUR media is covering the shit avalanche.

Oh, and then, how sweet, the Rethugs compare themselves to Ulysses S. Grant??

But then, maybe, like Grant, they mean they were drunk? (So does ‘drunk on power’ as well as booze give a worse hangover?)

And as Echidne points out, at the very end, the Rethuglicans couldn’t resist a misogynistic shot either.

Thanks to Skippy’s invaluable linkage….we can read the lies the GOP wants Americans to believe about Affordable Care. (And a mis-speak inaccuracy by Obama)

Tengrain at Mock,Paper, Scissors provides linkage to show all the OTHER attempts at extortion pulled by the GOP. If that doesn’t help you realize that these guys should make EVERY day “talk like a pirate day” what will it take?

The best picture! (warning to those phobic of clowns!)

And yes, Boehner SHOULD STOP listening to Texas crackers who think they are 9-11 heroes.

I liked Obama’s speech calling out these clowns this morning. I really don’t know if we are “better than this” in the main, though. I do smile to remember that the GOP has sponsored the 1ammosexuals gun-crazy, basically telling so many of their constituents (who obviously never heard the Beatle’s song) that “all you need is guns”.
Maybe since the Rethugs don’t read the right polls, they won’t realize that when those fired up morons decide to get power out of the end of a gun, it just might be THEIR windshields being shattered? Maybe they will finally get the wake-up call they’ve desperately been needing about their little NRA playmates.


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