Keeping the Females Down Where They Belong


09/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Republican women still believe being “good agreeable girls” will buy them a safe life. A safe slave-life. How very 12th century…


4 thoughts on “Keeping the Females Down Where They Belong

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    There’s a global suppression of women and girls, and if we are to live in a civilized world, it has to stop.

    If our species is to survive the 21st century, it has to stop. The greatest determination of population stabilization is women’s empowerment. The patriarchy, and all its ills, will probably destroy the environment if it’s not countered.

    • If it doesn’t stop? I’m not sure we deserve to survive…

      • Marcus says:

        We’re working hard on the self extinction thing. That is the big problem – we can wreck this world to make it unlivable for humans, and in our hubris (or willful ignorance) don’t actually believe it is possible. By the time enough folks understand this is happening, it will probably be too late. My only (cold) comfort is that I won’t be around to say “I told you so.”

      • I hate that as humans we don’t even care what we fuck up everything for other species as well!

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The name of this blog, and my Dreamwidth blog, Herlander Refugee, is taken from a 1915 feminist novel "Herland". It makes my heart sing that modern women are experimenting with creation of a new "Herland"! Yes, comments are closed. Anyone who just MUST reach me can do so at syrbal6 at gmail dot com.

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