Blackmailing the Black Man in the White House


09/28/2013 by syrbal-labrys

GOP_thumbSo, the House of Representatives, led by the Republicans are again threatening to shut down the government unless the President gives in (again). It is blackmail…because yes, make no mistake the Republican Party is running on tea infusions from the rabid racist right. They don’t care if they sink the entire nation because they are so used to their sound-bites of idiocy being accepted without question and plan to blame it ALL on the Obama Administration.

I’ve always had a bitter chuckle over how so much of the military votes Republican, under the misguided, sound-bite fed bullshit that the GOP “cares” for the military. Well, among other things going wrong if the shutdown happens? The military could find themselves “paid” in IOUs….tell me, does the Commissary TAKE IOUs in payment for groceries to feed military families? Yeah, guys, those Rethuglican asshats have REALLY got your back now, right? They will tell you it is Obama’s fault for not obediently caving in; but really….they are extortionists. If you look at how they bullshit about the necessity of “cutting budgets” they are cutting off American life….they can afford wars, but not schools or health care? They can afford to be paid while YOU are not, if you are a federal employee or military? I beg you before you vote Republican again….think this through. Do not listen to what they SAY (if their mouths are moving, they are lying), look at what they’ve DONE.

And Obama? I am furious with him for his past “reasonability” and “compromises” because it has taught these jerks that they can hold America hostage to destroy the government and the economy. IF Obama again caves the fuck in compromises? He might as well just hang himself from the White House balcony, because EVERY President in the future will be similarly de-balled and gutted by opposition in Congress. There is no more balance in “checks and balances”….only a crowd of thugs garroting the nation. Republicans call corporations “people” and give them “rights” they take away from real people.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking only Obama’s back is against a wall, America. We are all lined up and we sure as hell know which party is pro-gun, don’t we?


2 thoughts on “Blackmailing the Black Man in the White House

  1. There is no more balance in “checks and balances”….only a crowd of thugs garroting the nation.

    Well said.

    It is troubling to see Obama encounter so much friction on social issues and then experience almost none when doing extra-presidential things like assassinating people and drone striking it up.

    It’s almost as if elite consensus is against one idea, and totally okay with other.

    Shocking, I know.

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