Oh, SNAP….

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09/25/2013 by syrbal-labrys

judgeI think every REthuglican member of the Senate and House should take the SNAP challenge. If a CEO can do it and yet finds himself hungry and worried about getting enough food….not healthy food, just ENOUGH food, maybe the tough talking ‘balance the budge on the backs of the poor and helpless’ half of the political spectrum could learn something.

I mean, I just find it odd that they all can’t see America “affording” health care or feeding of the most vulnerable members of our society; but they can afford a war that wins nothing but caskets and fat contractor wallets. They can afford to fume about NOT going to war in Syria, or whether or not to set up to attack Iran. The can afford to bail out rich businesses, banks, and pay costs for Walmart employees paid too little to shop where they work. They can talk about medical care at emergency rooms, while the injured and ill go bankrupt.

Screw the SNAP challenge. Let’s just sew their damned mouths shut….the lack of hot air alone could improve the climate change predictions AND the rest of us could go about improving America’s chances of surviving WITHOUT the “revolution” those seditious bastards keep mumbling about.


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