A Job For Four-Year-Olds?


09/24/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1gop will wreck economyI admit, I’ve been lackluster as a blogger of late. To be honest, I simply am losing heart; the GOP are behaving in a way that gives me unhealthy flashbacks to the “better dead than Red” days of my youth; they literally don’t care if the country is destroyed rather than let control slip from their greedy hands. They make the same fanatical noises are religious maniacs!

So, perhaps what we need is a new kind of “Childrens’ Crusade”? After all, if a little boy in Kenya made an Islamic terrorist stand-the-fuck-down, maybe the GOP would listen to four-year olds, too?

Oh, wait. That terrorist told the boy, “We aren’t monsters.” Silly me, getting optimistic there…I forgot, the GOP is made up of people who really ARE monsters. And imagine, they are wrecking the nation WITHOUT bombs and guns….so nobody calls THEM terrorists.

4 thoughts on “A Job For Four-Year-Olds?

  1. Sixbears says:

    How about they wreck the economy and we hang them from lamposts by their intestines?

    Fair is fair.

    • That is, if we have lamposts left….metal thieves have to make a living in this sucky economy, too.

      • Marcus says:

        As Scooby Doo showed us, all their monsters were humans. In the show the kids had to discover this for themselves, while in the real world the Rethuglicans eagerly rip the mask off for all to see.

      • I’d like to show them they have no patent on monsters….

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