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09/20/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1kissed with a lieYes, I am depressed. Anyone who is not is not paying attention! But now and then the light in the tunnel is NOT a train!

(1) Finally, a reasonably good use for religion: preventing poaching of endangered species.

(2) In the wake of the Fukushima debacle, Japan has shut down all nuclear reactors. This does not address the stored spent (or unspent) fuel rods and other nuclear debris. But it is a start, because how do you make such things safe in one of the most earthquake/tsunami alive zones on the planet?

(3) The phrase “cheap drunk” might take on a whole ‘nother meaning. If gulping a probiotic and eating a donut can send your blood alcohol level…(I know, I know…cheap comic shot; pardon my temporary envy; we home brew and this has NEVER happened to us!)

(4) And speaking of donuts, I don’t like Krispy Kremes….so I likely wouldn’t like these things even sweeter than those! So, hey, even if they say it is healthy, they LIE! READ LABELS!

(5) Let’s have us a little “glasnost” Comrade….about what the CEA makes verses what Joe Average earns, OK? Then you can demand to know why they lay off hundreds of workers instead of one CEO!!

(6) (Because 6 is my favorite number!) Best for last: an explanation of Obamacare! And you can find out if you meet one of those percentages of the “poverty guidelines” by going HERE. And all this would have already been made clear to you, but the Rethuglicans voted against paying for the educational materials to do so.


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