All Good Fun In Film With Hummers, Harris, and Connery

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09/20/2013 by syrbal-labrys

tom-eckert-wood-cloth-sculptures-hyperrealistic-12Anyone remember the movie “The Rock”….about a bunch of pissed off veterans taking over Alcatraz and the world needing Sean Connery to make it all work out? Man, that was SOME fun, wasn’t it? Gee, the reality is a bit more itchy starch in the crotch-like, isn’t it? When veterans REALLY lose their shit….oh, hell no, then they are “loners” with “mental issues”….only hey, there will be NO talk about HOW they got those issues, ok?

Because the military is a place for checking boxes. Aaron Alexis had the box checked. You know, the one that said “no threat to self or others”…so that was mission accomplished, see? Well, except, it wasn’t so much the actual truth, was it? Funny thing is, when you take folks, give them weapons training and tell them that solutions come from the barrel of a gun, sometimes they realllly believe you. You know what they say about someone with nothing but a hammer in the tool box acting like everything is a nail, right?

And it isn’t macho or “soldierly” to have mental health issues, so everyone learns the safe buzzwords and it all gets largely ignored. Until the fun and games end when someone dies. Like at Ft. Hood, like in the war zones when trooper A shoots trooper B, or at the Washington Naval Yard. When the shooter-to-be can’t see any solution except blood…theirs, his…pretty much all the same at that last bit, I suspect. The military sometimes doesn’t listen so well. When you get out, they have about four pages of questions to determine your physical and mental well being. I answered, the medical aide checked boxes. Imagine my surprise when I later laid hands on my med records….all the things I answered “yes” to were marked “no”!
Stuff like “Do you have headaches?” “Do you have nightmares?” All the stuff they don’t want to really see, they simply don’t. Anything they can’t fix by handing you a pill, they don’t want to know about….and boy, DO they ever pass out the pills! Even if it kills the vet, they get plenty of pills.

I’ve had two sons (and a husband) in service. When one went to mental health, worried about his drinking and his anger after his wife abandoned him when he refused to agree to re-enlist and go off to die in Iraq (Insurance bucks, yahoo!), his “counselor” gave him no help, but did tell him he needed “more Jesus” in his life. Wow, thanks, Doc…and yeah, fuck-you-very-much you Dominionist prick, you. When my second son, after returning from deployment to Afghanistan ASKED for help with his own self-diagnosed PTSD, he was ignored for six months. Until he got drunk and went AWOL; then his good platoon sergeant called US and we tracked him down….hungover and too broke to pay for gas to get back. THEN and only then did the military respond. My husband was among the Viet Nam vets told “Hey, you weren’t in THAT much combat, you can’t have any issues.” He is now getting help for the PTSD that almost consumed his life.

So all the public ass-covering“box checking” going on in the wake of the Washington Naval Yard shootings? All the “Oh, we had NO idea!” crap? Don’t you believe it. They don’t want to see it. And no, not just because they are asshats….because the US military AND the Veterans Association can’t pull enough rabbits shrinks out of their hats to cover the gaping need created by being at war for a dozen years, sending men back again and again and again while the American populace slaps a magnetic yellow ribbon on the gas-guzzler and goes shopping.

Death and dismay on a Monday morning is another cost of war….oh, with bonus “green stamps” for an insane obsession with the ability to get a gun anywhere, anytime, no matter who you are or what you want to do with it. America wants to trump “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” with the eternal war on “terror” AND the holy Second Amendment? Well, congratu-fucking-lations, ya’ll…this IS what that shit looks like without Harris or Connery. I hope your damned civilian grade piece of shit Hummer blows out all four tires at once. The loudest and most stupid segments of America have been BEGGING for this shit to be reality for way too long. Unfortunately, they were not the ones at work at the Naval Yard on Monday morning.

You just go right on with your bad selves, putting another coat of gloss on the shit sandwich that is rapidly becoming the norm in American life. Listen to the NRA making sanctimonious sorrow notices while they go on convincing Americans that a gun solves all problems. And welcome to the life of a nail. Because any day in America now can be Gunday. That’s right, forget Sunday, the real holy day of the Holy Second Amendment faith is Gunday….when Americans are shot to prove how free we all are to commit mayhem and murder at any instant.


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