Corporate Hubris – We See What You Did!


09/19/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Eye - BackCue Nemesis, please? Because isn’t it Her job to stomp hubristic asshats into fertilizer-worthy mush? Because if trying to sue basically an entire continent isn’t hubris, I don’t know what would qualify. Seems Bayer (And man, I don’t even buy their aspirin anymore!) thinks a ban on the pesticide most closely linked to honeybee mortality is “disproportionate”.

Wow, talk about your SLAPP lawsuit on steroidal crack, what? Gee, I guess the idea is that corporations can more or less run America has gone to their greedy-gut heads? So now, they want to push Europe around, even though there are signs of recovery amongst honeybees in Europe. There is a petition to sign to tell them to knock it the fuck OFF, and though I don’t think the big corporate hegemonies give a shit what we think, signing at least tells them we see what they are doing!


2 thoughts on “Corporate Hubris – We See What You Did!

  1. karen says:


    I have been wondering though, how many municipalities, states (countries and continents too, now I guess) are dealing with lawsuits from corporations. We never have money for streets or schools or hospitals and such. Are corporate lawyers the only ones making money these days?

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