Zombie Safe Zones

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09/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

No QuestionsSarcastic, me? Fie, I say…I would never stoop so low as to suggest that when the zombie apocalypse comes, America should be safe because there are NO brains available here to satisfy the alleged zombie appetites. Well, or, zombies have gone all stealthy on our asshats…perhaps they have learned to suck brains out through straws inserted in ears? Because brainlessness WOULD explain rather a lot of current political events, right?

Like the continued bullshit about gun violence in America. Seriously, you asshats, how many people have to die of bullet-poisoning before you wake the fuck UP?(Even the Germans think we are gun-mad; when even the GERMANS say crazy…hey!)

Or a state’s attorney general who thinks pregnant women should be monitored for drug use, but of course, not any men who might be impregnators.

But then, we are used to Rethuglicans acting as if women are nothing but walking wombs, right? But hey, it kind of makes sense, THEY all live in their genitalia, so why shouldn’t we women?

And oh, fuck yeah, all Hail Mighty Mammon! Because of COURSE millionaires shouldn’t have to pay income tax. (I have to go eat now, so I have something to vomit with…) Yeah, these are the bastards wanting to gag Bernie Sanders.

And yet, yes, asking questions makes us traitors. Everyone knows it is our job to ANSWER correctly and nothing else. Watch out for those fuckers with straws hanging out their ears, ok?


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