Whaaa? Today…Down the Pipe, We Go

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09/17/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep pouringOk, I’ve battered readers with tales of girls in the Mideast being used to settle debts, girls who sometimes die of internal injuries after religiously legal “wedding” nights when their disgusting old fart “husband” basically rapes a child to death. I’ve discussed young Indian brides burnt up by mother-in-laws after their dowry was spent.

And all of you likely subconsciously did what I did: recited a mantra to yourselves about “This is not the third world HERE at least.” This is spite of the Rethuglican/Religious Righty-Tighty War on Women (World War V) … we all tell ourselves we are “at least” not subject to totally being treated as chattel.

Well…uh, it might be time to revise that estimation in the too-little-spoken-of desperation that is America in the 21st century. Because during a household invasion robbery that didn’t net cash and jewelry, the thieves TOOK a teen-aged girl in lieu of other loot. Well, gee, should I mark this on my calendar as, “Official third world status achieved?”

Fuck, who knew there was a story that could make me think shoot-em-ups are more “normal”??


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