Again, Bang, Bang….


09/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1mondays suck so hard be in pornAnother Monday. Another shooting. And suddenly, a few of the more conscious folks in the country might be realizing there could be something scarier than foreign terrorists — there might be perfectly every day Americans capable of suddenly committing murder! For the shooting at the Washington Naval Yard was carried out by one (if not two) ordinary Americans. One served in the Naval Reserve, and is said to have helped rescue his fellow citizens on 9-11. He is dead, we cannot ask him his reasoning. His friends don’t understand what could have happened.

So, to hear the news people saying things like “Well, his mother said he suffered PTSD from helping rescue people on 9-11, and he said he had PTSD…that’s HIS story,”….that rather tries to skirt the issue, doesn’t it? Right, gee, let’s not even consider facing the idea that we could have tens of thousands of veterans running around the nation primed to erupt in murder. Let’s keep sweeping the suffering and life disarray under the carpet of notice. Let’s keep sending young Americans into impossible situations and then ignore them as their lives fall apart. Let’s not admit it might be time to confront the seemingly unending costs of war…no, instead, let’s hurry and call the dead shooter a “loner”, ok?

Psssst…nothing makes a loner of you faster than a case of PTSD. Just saying.

6 thoughts on “Again, Bang, Bang….

  1. It’s become one hel of a scary dimension we’re choosing to live in right now.
    T in J

  2. badtux99 says:

    The sad thing is that I can make a generic fill-in-the-blank post and fill it in every 1-2 months as one of these things happen, and nothing gets done despite all that. What will it take? Torches and pitchforks and guillotines in town squares? I hope not, because I’ve seen the end game of that one, and it ain’t pretty.

    • I can’t see any pretty end to the current stupidity. There is always stupidity, of course, but usually a ratio of normal thought and functionality. The ratio of stupid is out of proportion.

  3. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Thanks to the shredding of the Social Safety Net we have thousands of Americans with mental health problems who do not receive treatment. Now let’s add 350 million guns and a concerted effort to rollback, curtail, and neuter all laws and enforcement powers which might help.

    Then after every shooting let’s decalre it’s too soon to talk, and it’s ghoulish politics to take advantage of the situation, and call anyone who offers up a proposal a libtard marxist anti-american while offering up platitudes of freedom and good guys with guns and wait.

    The individual shooting is then forgotten and the next incident occurs.

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