There But For the Grace of the Economy — Goes Your Love or Mine


09/15/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1support troo[sI have mentioned how often I want to back-hand people making off-handed comments about “veterans bitching” because “They made a choice, it’s a volunteer military now”….right? There are plenty of veterans young and old who made that choice because there was no other job available…so that is not so very voluntary, that is desperation.

So, when they go and do their government’s bitter bidding and come home physically alive but mentally battered to the point of collapse, who saves them then, in our “throwaway” attitude where nobody much sacrifices for war except the warriors and their families? The women on the hotlines, that’s who.

I know about suicidal ideation. I know about PTSD, both personally and surrounded by loved ones going through it as well. Next person making that off-hand comment around me? Remember, I’m female, I could likely blame BOTH PTSD and PMS!

3 thoughts on “There But For the Grace of the Economy — Goes Your Love or Mine

  1. Sixbears says:

    The economic draft is a real thing around here. Throw in a persuasive recruiter and young folk join up in droves. Somehow they don’t connect that the broken mental cases on the street were just like them once.

    • No, they deny it even when it happens to them.

      • knightwork says:

        That is how I got sucked in during the early 80’s. Couldn’t afford college, but I could “see the world, and earn money for college.” Yeah, when I got out, that money didn’t last long . But I did get to see (northern) Germany, the Phillipines, and some other spots…that nobody in the US could find on a map.

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