So, The Problem Is WHAT?

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09/13/2013 by syrbal-labrys

545237Ok, goats cost more than chickens, right? So if you were going to kind of pass your “sins” to something, doing the whole real-deal ‘scapegoat’ bit and loosing the goat in the desert* likely isn’t a promising idea. Specially in Southern California; so instead a chicken is selected to kind of absorb and ‘atone’ for you….being slaughtered with a sharp knife as the final bit in an old Orthodox Jewish ritual.
Freedom of religion, right? And some lucky schmuck likely gets chicken for dinner, maybe.

Not only no, but hell no. Animal rights activists protested and got the synogogue parking lot operation shut down. It was “inhuman”. What? Killing a chicken quickly with a sharp knife is inhumane? How should chickens be killed, by boring them to death? Have ANY of these ninnies seen a COMMERCIAL chicken operation?

Well, though…then the protesters said there was “evidence” of dead chickens in the trash. So, what, throwing away a dead chicken (or some of its parts?) is inhumane? What, now we need chicken grave yards or something?

Or is it just, you know, “squick”…over killing animals and religion in the same sentence, so to speak. Me, I’d just as soon laws in America made clear a right to freedom FROM religion for those who want it; yes, thank you very much, keep your rosaries off my ovaries….blah, blah, blah. BUT since “freedom OF religion” is what we scream so much about? I call bullshit on this little bit of ‘animal rights activism’. Frankly, if a weekend farmers’ market was slashing chicken necks and selling fresh fryers, I doubt there’d have been this much fuss. I think they just got squicked out over a bunch of Jewish guys with odd hats and extra-long sideburns praying while killing chickens. But yeah, you Californicators go right on calling it animal rights. Me? I think the only ‘animal’ right you care about is YOUR own right to judge the actions of other people who don’t act like you do. I mean how dare anyone in modern Cali act so archaic and ‘old world’, eh?

*Oh, and for the record…turning a goat loose in the desert WOULD be inhumane, just saying.


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