So, NSA Went Phishing in Google-Drag?


09/13/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1stress is caused by givng a fuckI’m not particularly tech-wise. In fact, I hate it as much as I love it. But reading this, it sure sounds like a typical phishing bit.

Someone enlighten me here on any significant differences, other than NSA wanting info instead of your money? Gee, when business gets in bed with government, it sure does make for everyone ELSE needing a post-fuck smoke, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “So, NSA Went Phishing in Google-Drag?

  1. badtux99 says:

    Oh my, this is rich. I was discussion what the NSA was probably doing with a former NSA guy (who BTW is *livid* about what the NSA is currently doing, back in his day the only people he spied on was the Soviets, pretty much your job I think back in the day) and I mentioned that SSL was subject to man in the middle attacks if you subverted a CA (and note that the CA VeriSign has longstanding connections to the NSA that long predate this program) and thus it was likely that the NSA was doing targeted man-in-the-middle attacks against suspected bad guys. But man, I wasn’t expecting to be proven right the day after I mentioned this to him!

    And I strongly suspect it’s more than just Google that has been targeted by this. If you’ve subverted a CA, it’d make sense to put a large variety of bogus certificates in that CA for you to use against a suspect. We’ll likely never have a full accounting. Just figure this much: SSL as a method of securing your privacy against the NSA is useless. Count on it.

    – Badtux the Cryptography Penguin

    • Alrighty then, “rotten in Denmark” doesn’t cover it. Yes, spying on the Russkies was legit and they returned the favor; this “fuck your own” shit?

      Yeah, we’d have been ashamed.

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