A Skirmish in the Long World War “V”*


09/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Tarot_001Men? I am going to scream a lot of incoherent things, ok? Luckily I am not typing all of that. But, this I will say….there IS a rape culture and until MEN start reacting with the same outrage instead of blaming the victims, I will NOT stop blaming all the silent men even if they NEVER do think about doing those things to women, ok? Until YOU men are in a pitchfork and torch mode that an awful lot of women LIVE submerged in, this problem is not going away. And women who participate in the torture and rape of others? Oh…remember that song “Bad Things” that I put up earlier this week? Singing your song, Babes….

Because I just hit a new limit of WTFness….with this story. Twenty years seems a bit light to me….Kali ain’t a-squatting on a man eating his guts for nothing, let me tell you.

*This is what I think of when I think of the seemingly eternal war on women, on all those with a Vagina instead of a dick…World War V; and I fear it won’t change until we do respond as if the ‘enemy’ is a bunch of brainless zombies! It seems the ‘enemy’ sure doesn’t think vagina-possessors need to be credited as having brains.


2 thoughts on “A Skirmish in the Long World War “V”*

  1. Rowan says:

    Gods. One can only hope that he becomes someone’s slave as he serves his sentence.

    As I am aging, I’m finding that I am starting to believe removal of those few dangly bits would be an improvement when it comes to misogyny. They think they are entitled? Let’s see how entitled they are when they sit to pee. Or perhaps they have those strange hysterics of a century ago – perhaps some sanateriums and some electro shock, or labotomies would improve the stock.

    I am not generally a violent person, but … scorpio. And all this violence against women – without whom the bastards wouldn’t even be here – that’s making me so angry.

    • Likewise, I am told as a Scorpio, my passions should over-run my reason. That doesn’t happen. But yeah, the sheer level of hostile backlash makes me think lots of fingers need slapping on a Nunzilla level. And if you are ticked off now, you don’t want to read the EP blog’s weekend “fire at will” entry…

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