If Skies Wish To Fall…(*warning, extreme profanity ahead, not just my language)

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09/11/2013 by syrbal-labrys

…I have a target for any particularly heavy bits. And no, I don’t mean Chicken Little. There is a 40 year old man in Kuwait who basically fucked his 8 year old “bride” to death. She died of internal bleeding after a “wedding” declared AOK by certain Islamic pedophilia enablers clerics.

I’m keeping my mind (and my mouth) on a stout leash to try not imagining what her last hours of life were like. I am thoroughly sick of the idea that any female walking is nothing but a fuck-hole for some guy with a hard on; and that men who rape do it because they feel entitled to sex or that sex is to punish women.

And I simply cannot wish enough bad things in the direction of men who behave with such savage hatred and callous disregard and are enabled to do so in the name of religion. So…my theme song today is the following, only my mental movie is River Phoenix of “Firefly” kicking ‘reaver'(rapist) ass to the song!


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The name of this blog, and my Dreamwidth blog, Herlander Refugee, is taken from a 1915 feminist novel "Herland". It makes my heart sing that modern women are experimenting with creation of a new "Herland"! Yes, comments are closed. Anyone who just MUST reach me can do so at syrbal6 at gmail dot com.

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