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09/09/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmKansas. The state in the center of the country that is working to make misogyny a prerequisite for some sort of state sainthood. I was born there and was very happy to discover other places to live, I don’t even care if Aunt Em keeps the dog!

So, imagine my indignation when I discover (thanks, Echidne!) that the state is vindictively pursuing a female doctor because she supports women’s rights to abortion. The state is actively trying to bankrupt her; she needs your help and mine to STOP THEM.
And the picture here? Those cats are doing more than praying; they are up for using all sorts of sketchy legal means to force birth upon every pregnant woman.

I am broke (my car was busted), but payday is this week….so I will be hitting my link to help. Please do the same and get the word out!


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