Just Say “No” To War, Say It Very Often!

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09/04/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Please consider joining Alan Grayson in making sure the Administration knows that Americans do NOT want another war in Syria. Sign the Petition, please, and pass it around! Civil wars are not solved from the outside, they cost those who interfere money and lives. Remember Korea, and Viet Nam? No, well, you will have a sorry opportunity to see a replay if someone in government doesn’t get the message that enriching arms merchants is not the key to American prosperity.


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The name of this blog, and my Dreamwidth blog, Herlander Refugee, is taken from a 1915 feminist novel "Herland". It makes my heart sing that modern women are experimenting with creation of a new "Herland"! Yes, comments are closed. Anyone who just MUST reach me can do so at syrbal6 at gmail dot com.

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