Be Wicked; After All, There is No Rest….


09/04/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1keep calm…at least in most states the legal mandate is left vague at best for workers being given rest breaks.
I live in one of the eight states that does say paid rest periods are required, but I know employers stomp all over this law in spiked Klingon boots ALL the time. If a worker complains, they get laid off and the Labor and Industry folks have no teeth. So, how is YOUR state doing? I could use the good news that somewhere in America, the things people died for in the last century….union members and organizers who got their heads busted or put in a noose, still function SOME where!

And in spite of numerous studies showing that productivity of workers goes up with shorter (i.e. 8 hour) shifts and reasonable break and meal times, across the board, industry seems to opt for longer shifts….say two 12 hour shifts instead of three 8 hour shops, for instance. Many of the big box stores, like Target and Walmart, appear to treat store employees reasonably well; but in their warehouses, abusive stuff like 12 hour shifts and forced overtime and no days off are enforced using desperate and vulnerable “temp” labor forces. Not to mention the use of illegal undocumented workers, who are especially prone to keeping their mouths shut about labor violations for fear of being reported to ICE. Supervisors are encouraged, if not actually required, to be verbally abusive and dismissive of all workers.

Yeah, I’d say the “serf” is up. American labor rights are what is being ‘wiped out’….and there are no “good vibrations” ahead for that trend. Workers who have paid time off, often can’t use it and for some really sneaky, shitty reasons. And just as an aside? For a nation with a large proportion of screamers about the importance of babies being born? There isn’t much respect or care for the mothers bearing those babes, or the beginning of those wee lives:


Gee, finally, America is in a minority ASIDE from loving capital punishment…

4 thoughts on “Be Wicked; After All, There is No Rest….

  1. Sixbears says:

    NH is supposed to at least have meal breaks. When my wife worked at a hospital, this was stomped on all the time. Lunch was short and often she had to work right through it.

    My daughter works at a hotel and while she technically could have a lunch break, it’s almost impossible to do so. In fact, taking one is frowned upon heavily.

    Our labor laws have been weakened, and then even those weak laws are ignored. I’m glad to see minimum wage workers starting to strike. Thats the only way things will improve.

    • I wish I believed that; unfortunately I think they will be fired and replaced easily in these dire times. Perhaps if people stopped eating at fast food places…

  2. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Rich people getting together to form a group called Corporation, to exert influence on Workplace = Inherently Good and Righteous.

    Poor people getting together to form a group called Union, to exert influence on Workplace = Inherently Evil and Dastardly.

    • Does seem to be the current song, doesn’t it?

      How about pissed off poor people getting together to do arts and crafts called “guillotine building” = French Revolution, just as a historical flash-back.

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