Second “Monday” of the Week, Here


09/03/2013 by syrbal-labrys

You know, these Monday holiday things screw with my head. I won’t know what day it is all week, now. But Yellowdog Grannie has given me grist for the snark mill….it should keep a grin on my face until noon. Yes, I still have the annual August ‘hangover’ and feel semi-inarticulate, so pictures are going to stand in for a thousand words!
1modsnyo I had a friend who worked for Monsanto back in the day, she always told me how they were bettering things. She neglected to say “for themselves”. As someone still missing bees desperately, it is likely a good thing she and I aren’t in more than once-a-year-Xmas-card exchange now. But we do agree on other things pretty closely. Like THESE bastards:1rights

I think the suggestion that arms be the answer to American discontent with what has been caused by the neo-con dream is sedition at the least….specially coming from the architects of American decline! They should just label their platform “The Selling of America” and be done with it. Their continued aid to the rich bastards turning America into a plutocracy while they sell “trickle down” snake oil to the poor saps that keep voting for them makes me foam at the mouth.
1clinton And just so you know, back when the media was screaming for Clinton’s head (hahahahah, pun possibly intended) at the GOP behest? He wasn’t doing anything that hurt the country, emptied the treasury or cost American lives abroad. He was making a stupid personal choice, for which his wife could demand the right to smack hell out of him. For anyone else to claim that privilege is, to my mind, pretty stupid….I mean how many of YOU would like the entire American news media, the FBI and Ken Fucking Star investigating your habits that closely? A public official’s actions should be judged on the JOB, not whether or not he or she is having more illicit “fun” than you are managing.

It is raining today, thank goodness. Would that the rain would wash the distractions from American eyes!


2 thoughts on “Second “Monday” of the Week, Here

  1. Thanks for this. The Clinton years were the best we’ve seen in a long, long time. I always felt that what he did with his, equipment, was nobody’s business but his, his wife’s and the other women involved — nobody else’s. Me, I’d have crawled under his desk in a New York minute if it weren’t for (1) my respect for Mrs. Clinton and (2) the state of my knees. I wish politicians could learn to separate their personal definitions of reality from the realities they are elected to deal with. And I wish it would rain kittens and marshmallows.

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