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08/31/2013 by syrbal-labrys

If Osama bin Laden thought America was over a line with the habit of militarily and economically dominating nations outside her borders and had airplanes flown into buildings in her financial center to punish us, and that was called terrorism.

If Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds (3000 to 5000) in 1988, and everyone agreed that was horrible, but that wasn’t called a reason to go to war to punish HIM….why now is Syria worse?

If using terribly injuring weapons against citizens is wrong, why has Israel not been punished for use of the agonizing white phosphorus against citizens of Gaza?

If a sovereign nation has a right to control what goes on within her own borders, why is it our business what happens in a civil war?

If it is just “collateral” damage when civilians are killed in a time of war, and Assad of Syria has been at war for two years….why doesn’t HE get the free ride America apparently gets?

If Assad deserves immediate strikes upon his ability to kill his citizens with gas, why didn’t Saddam Hussein get punished at once in 1988?

If killing civilians in war zones like Afghanistan and Pakistan, say with drones, is such a horror and act of wrongdoing, why has no wiser nation decided to strike America’s ability to launch these unmanned weapons of death?

If we have the United Nations and the World Court precisely FOR crimes against humanity, why do we pull their teeth and not help them do their jobs?

If the Democrats later decried George Bush going to war in Iraq based on lies, and getting over 4000 Americans killed, why do they not now catch the next plane back to D.C. to STOP their guy?

If Obama claims he can’t “wait long enough” to ask Congress for approval, why is that….is Syria going somewhere? Or does he fear to share the fate of the British P.M….whose legislators reminded him that what a democracy DOES sometimes is say NO!

If Obama feels so certain of his moral compass in using weapons to punish the head of a sovereign state that is in no way threatening America, would he feel the same way if some other nation….say Russia or China, decided that WE were being a bit rogue-state-like and decided to take out the base full of drone operators?

And last, but not least, IF it was such a fucking crime what Assad did to his people? IF American KNEW about it before hand, why did we warn NOBODY? Were we just so busy secret keeping that NOW we want to kick ass?


‘Cause yeah, I’m seeing some serious errors in logic and a major lack of recognition of overstepping any “right” based on moral compass. I am feeling the lie. America isn’t war-weary, Mr. President….to be brutally honest, aside from military families, MOST Americans have barely noticed the wars. But America IS sick to death of being lied to, being sold a bill of morality covering death and destruction, and of seeing things fall apart here while the national treasury is spent in foreign sandboxes.

And me? I’m fed up with American exceptionalism that serves NO ordinary American anything but a bill of grief.

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