Speaking of Window-Fogging Fears


08/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1why is everyone so fucking stupidOnce upon a time, a long time ago in this very same universe, I got online on AOL. I soon found semi-like-minded folks to hang with on message boards and e-lists. It was fun for a while. In summer we were besieged by teenagers out of school being pests — sort of the mosquitoes of the internet online life. Late night convos were full of typos because the typists had one too many glasses of wine/beer/scotch. And then, there were cliques. Holy catshit, didn’t we leave all that crap behind in 8th grade? No?

No. I was reminded of the clique-shit this morning reading this story, thoughtfully brought to my attention by Skippy. Now, you go look at the headline about secrets the government wants to keep from you and you think, what has that to do with any clique?

Well, this is when I stand back and knit my best old-lady expression with my eyebrows (flawlessly waxed into submission, btw) and tell you to read all FOUR pages. See all the bits about how it has to be a secret that the secret even EXISTS? Well, like that. Because way back when, on AOHell, I got asked to join an email list. Mostly, it was women of similar age to me and they were pagan like me; we shared recipes and heartbreaks, bad jokes and good. And then, now and again, someone said something that simply curled my toes with the rabid hostility. So, one of those times, so shocked I was in my tender sensibilities that I wrote back that I was taking a break and stepping away…not to send me emails for a time.

All good, right? Better than saying something I might regret. A few months later, I was ready to give it another go and try to understand the nastiness that had run me off. But no, I was told….I had violated the “trust” of the group by stepping away offended. Well, then. Now, I was pissed off at the impudent self-appointed ‘gatekeeper’….a much younger woman much taken with her own power to add or delete names from the e-list. In chat with people I knew WERE on the list, I mentioned that I had wanted back “in” and been told I was cast into outer darkness forever.

Well, that was out of the frying pan and into the fire. I was very hotly informed that to mention the very existence of the e-list was violating a semi-sacred secret. Oh, give me a fucking break. The originator of the e-list had openly discussed it FIRST in the same chat, a chat were almost everyone there was in fact a member and knew the list existed. But kind of like Alan Grayson being threatened for talking about what the Guardian had already PUBLISHED, “OMG, Shut UP!” It was beyond silly. It wasn’t even 8th grade worthy. It was more akin to the 2nd graders with the treehouse complete with the sign “No gurlz aloud.”

And so is half the shit at that article. In the all-holy name of “national security”, people entrusted with aspects of American governance are acting like 2nd graders with secret fucking handshakes. Seriously? We are that afraid? Orwell must be spinning with giggles alone; well, that or puking into his satin pillow. We really ARE into scaring ourselves silly, then? That IS the agenda?

No, not really. Really? I think it is the same thing as a bunch of women on that e-list; there are a few of the less gifted jockeying for position and making themselves important. So the American would-be Puzzle Palace masters are acting like American life is a live-action role playing game and naming themselves Gatekeepers and Spy-masters. They all want to be the “man behind the curtain”…and I have to say, I, for one, am not turning green with envy. This ain’t the Land of Oz and if it was, I’d definitely be for flying with the witch instead of putting up with the squirrely secret sorters.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Window-Fogging Fears

  1. Very apt analogy. Unfortunately, as I, back then one of the outcast caste and a typical whipping boy for those needing to reinforce to the world that their penii were not that small, can attest, usually the rules lawyers and gate keepers, barring absolute catastrophe and failure, got away with it.

    Kill them all with fire. (I’ve never quite forgotten or forgiven. Fuck ’em.)

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