The Ecstasies of Science


08/29/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Religious mystics, even those of conventional faiths, speak of ecstatic transports…and a few admit that “coming back” to ordinary life is nearly unendurably painful. Well, at last, in the 20th century, science gained its own ecstasy and its own “mystics”…including Edgar Mitchell who founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences after his experience in space. Happily, unlike the mystics of most monotheistic faiths, Mitchell did not place the cause of his transformative experience somewhere “out there” and spout dismissive attitudes to this earth we live upon. He fell into love WITH our home planet.

I am, as usual, on the outward edges, my own “transports” are spiritual in nature and ecstatic; but gratefully rare since they fill me with a longing to escape daily life into that feeling of oneness and connection. But the lasting effect was the same, I simply didn’t need to go into space to be utterly consumed with love for the Earth! In fact, I feel so strongly attached and blissed out about my home planet that I have NO desire to go anywhere else; if we so ruin this place that it cannot sustain life, I’d rather die right here fighting the ruin than escape to live anywhere else.

2 thoughts on “The Ecstasies of Science

  1. Laura Cole says:

    love this.

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