Fear of Thieves Overcome?


08/29/2013 by syrbal-labrys

pineconeSeveral years ago, when my children were still in school, we were burglarized. My middle-school aged kids came home from school to a trashed house and exhaust fumes in the garage. I quit my job that very week; terrified of it happening again in a house empty for five hours of each weekday.

Now, although simple thefts of metal tools and implements is up in our neighborhood and gas siphoning is a continual threat, I am not afraid to leave home for fear of thieves. I am afraid to leave home because of fucking BANKERS. Seems they can’t even be troubled to make sure they foreclose on the correct home. And nothing seems to really happen to them when they take everything someone owns, they say “Ooops, my bad” and march onwards to the next foreclosure. They have even foreclosed on homes long since paid OFF. Kind of makes you wonder if you need to have a waterproof framed copy of the paid-in-full mounted on the door. Nah…that wouldn’t stop these thugs, would it?

Honestly, ‘honest’ thieves are less frightening than the corporate thugs that do it with impunity. I recommend pine cone enemas for all of them!


4 thoughts on “Fear of Thieves Overcome?

  1. Sixbears says:

    We’ve less to fear from the thug in a leather jacket than from a thug in a three piece suit. Their muscle wears uniforms and judge robes.

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