“Dead Soldiers” for the Dead – Count August 28


08/28/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I am very grateful to everyone mentioning my quest for tiny empty booze bottles to enumerate the dead on the stones of my Walk of the Fallen Memorial Labyrinth on its 10th Anniversary since construction…this November.

The count of bottles received, alas, still stands at zero.

I thought it might be useful to provide some context:

These are the deaths in Iraq, shown by country. And below, the deaths in Afghanistan:
(These charts are from HERE.)

I sometimes think the nation wants to forget the dead as I review the ideas expressed to me when I have occasionally had the bad manners to question this habitual pattern of behavior:

(1) “It’s a volunteer Army – they don’t HAVE to be there to die.”

Umm..yeah, obviously living in denial of the existence of an “economic draft”….I know college graduates going back INTO the military because there are no jobs. My own son re-enlisted after leaving the Air Force where he served during the first Gulf War, because there were no jobs and he had a wife and child to support.
Now, medically discharged, he cannot re-enlist; and while I hate that his life will be shaped by that disability, I am grateful it keeps him here.

(2) “….silence and furtive/dirty looks….”

This is what I get when I talk to active duty military, like at the military chapels. Apparently, there is some word I have not heard that has been given to not notice the dead in communities where there are likely to be MORE of them.

(3) “Hey, its their JOB.”

Right. Thanks, nice to know it means so much to you. Yes, I sound bitter. Possibly even crazy. If the rest of the damned country felt one tenth of this, we would be done with these fucking wars.


4 thoughts on ““Dead Soldiers” for the Dead – Count August 28

  1. Brina says:

    Well, you know I’ll be bringing some (both empty and full) when I come in September. I’m nothing if not efficient at draining bottles of hooch…of all sizes.

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