That Sinking Feeling (Edited)


08/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

For over a year, in Louisiana, a water filled sink-hole has been swallowing land, trees, and homes.
The Texas salt mining company in charge of this debacle apparently thinks about $800 a week is sufficient for losing a home and property….sad thing is, in this economy and in that place, it might actually look like a good deal.

An older video here.

And a guy who seems like a rather erudite conspiracy sort has a series of rather interesting lectures. The geology of the area is very interesting. And an older disaster seems familiar…and the map on this video makes me wonder, does this sinkhole continue to the boarders of the salt dome?

One of the things that impressed me is these are salt walled caverns that have collapsed…you know, like the ones they keep telling us are safe to store nuclear waste within? On the other hand, I cannot even describe adequately how CRAZY some of the videos about this topic begin to sound…..oy, oy, oy…Satan is going to destroy the earth to destroy man. My eyeballs rolled under the desk again…


7 thoughts on “That Sinking Feeling (Edited)

  1. jdlawes says:

    Hey, sorry so late. I went over and took a look at your man’s “lectures” (and you owe me a beer; his lecture style is pretty…ummm…sleep-inducing.

    Bottom line is that most of his geophysical information about the specific salt dome involved in this appears correct. But his “big-picture” hypothesis at the end? The one about the ginormous “underground river” thing sucking everything in the central Gulf Coast down to Hell?

    Nah. Ain’t gonna happen.

    His first piece of information is correct: the brine outfit has fucked up, and they appear to have undermined a piece of the edge of the “mushroom cap” of the dome. That’s collapsing and taking everything above it down, too.

    But this will only grow until the section of the edge of the cap is undermined. It’s not going to open into a giant Hellmouth and swallow Louisiana. It could get bigger, and the brine company needs to get its nuts rapped for doing bad geophysics and mining practices, but it isn’t The Apocalypse…

    • syrbal says:

      Kind of what I figured, that the salt dome itself would be the utter limit; the whole apocalyptic bit I keep if find associated with this is completely crazy! I mean, wtf?!

      • jdlawes says:

        Well, the bottom line is that the entire world is full of gooy sonsofbitches that believe in whacky shit; astral projection, ginormous underground rivers, the Illuminati, the fiscal soundness of the Paul Ryan budget, and Newt Gingrich as anything but an enormous serial-adulterous lying scumbag.

        So your guy isn’t all that far off the rails. Your average teatard believes at least half a dozen things crazier than he does and can probably STILL get elected to the local school board…

      • syrbal says:

        There are a few whacky things I believe in myself; but damn the “devil coming to kill us ahead of the Rapture” loons are a particular bugbear that makes me writhe.

    • syrbal says:

      Hey Chief? Check this one out, if you want another look….apparently the tidal action in the water filled hole is shaking folks up a lot:

  2. Yow, that looked like something out of a monster movie… where’s the giant worm?

    On a serious note, it’s tragic that some of the people who are most victimized by corporate malfeasance tend to vote Republican out of fear of the “other”, Really, these people and the Texans who don’t have any potable water should band together and demand justice.

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