Smile, It Is Friday

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08/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

545237August goes on and on, and I look for escapes from the reality of the summer doldrums. I used to like even August when I had bees. But that has been long gone, I don’t know as I will ever gather the courage to try again. I am seeing a lot of honeybees in my garden…they are in mad love with our cucumber blossoms; this means I will get a lot of cucumbers! So, a weekend’s work is ahead of me…my Friday escape is to beautiful Bavaria, but don’t expect landscapes and beer gardens. I am sneaking into a Bavarian beehive and so can YOU!

And speaking of bees? Those golden bits that make your plate full of yummy things? They are, as I’ve noted here before, in big trouble. You can help them, yes, YOU! Finally, a very good excuse to quit cutting the grass….get RID of it and have a REAL garden instead! We did that here, we have a tiny grassy area around the patio with the picnic/bbq zone; the rest is flowers and vegetables and trees and yes, we are visited by more and more bees.

And, since it is Friday and summer, doesn’t a nice cool beer sound yummy?2013-06-23_4307_1 Now mind you, MY nice cool beer will be a home-made herbal grain-free beer. But it WILL be in a glass bottle. One I will reuse again and again and again. And even if you don’t brew your own beer? You should be asking for one in a glass bottle, too, and here is why. Some of my fondest memories, in childhood and as an adult, were of the beer man lugging cases of glass beer bottles to the door like a much improved milkman —all of them picked up empty the next week to be refilled with delicious if-there-is-a-god-he-loves-us beer.


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