Dear Britain, Or, So, Whose Lapdog Will We Be?

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08/23/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I QuitI’ve followed, mostly silently, the continued hue and cry over Edward Snowden’s leak of America’s One-Nation-Under-Surveillance agenda through Glenn Greenwald. I didn’t have much to say because at first it all seemed a bit of a moot point to me; I had assumed with the Patriot Act that we would all be watched/listened to whenever whomever wanted to do so. I am cynical realistic that way. But everyone else is all shocked and awfulled about it.

Until the British stopped Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda, and held him for nine hours of harassment under similar fear-flogging anti-terrorist laws, I frankly was an odd mixture of pissed off and “I fucking told you so!” about this case. But wow, the Brit government is going to be petty asshats and take it out on loved ones; gee and to think that Saddam Hussein’s alleged torture of family members of people he was pissed at was one of the alleged reasons we went to war against him?? Dear British government —- let me officially note that it is all degrees of the same thing, ok? And worse, you don’t really give a good damn about Snowden telling about America jacking into every phone/email/etc in the USA, do you? But someone in Washington D.C. sure wound you up and told you to teach that damned Greenwald a thing or two, didn’t they?

So just like Tony Blair sitting up and doing tricks for George Bush the Stupider, you all fell into line like good little lapdogs. Sad, Britain, very very sad….yes, we all understand, empires end and yours did. World War II kind of played you out and left you broke and busy trying to rebuild, and then you lost India….but for pity’s sake and for Kipling, have a bit of damned dignity! Keep a stiffer upper lip and figure how to raise a middle finger to America every time some power-mad sort there gets knickers knotted and tries to sic’ you on the chosen victim like a German shepherd in Mississippi in the 60’s chasing black kids. Is that really all that is left to you as a nation….being a lapdog who attacks on command whenever an American President gets a well-deserved wedgie for using the Constitution as toilet paper?

Which brings me to the more depressing part of this rumination, of course. As America’s little star seems about to be eclipsed; as our empire ends (and is it just a historical giggle that it is Afghanistan in the starring role of ‘graveyard’ yet again?)….as we flail and fail to live up to the ideals of OUR founders and national pride, too? As we dumb it down, find ways to disenfranchise more and more citizens; and try to get those “slutty bitches” (i.e. normal women otherwise known to the righty tighties as ‘walking uteri’) under control of the righteous religious reich that promises us heaven while we lose everything else? Just whose lapdog will WE end up being?

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