Blue Moon

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08/21/2013 by syrbal-labrys

No, no, no….not the “second one in the month”….but isn’t that is sure to happen almost once per year since there are often 13 full moons per year? This one came from a rather more obscure rule that I admit makes little sense to me; the “third full moon in a four full moon season”– it seems odd to count the third moon of summer as blue instead of the fourth, to me. But whatever works!

But just in case anyone needs a reason to celebrate, hey, there you go. I know last night’s full moon was beautiful and hugely bright. I see a date tonight for my husband, our mountain, and the rising still-full-enough moon.

And if you don’t want to celebrate? Skippy gives an article with OTHER reasons to imbibe: Serfs Up! DAmn, makes me glad we started four new carboys of mead to brewing!


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