Tuesday Tarot – August 20th – Late, But Stable!

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08/20/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I am late today. On everything. One of the dear little rescue ferrets entrusted to me last year is recovering from surgery and all else in my life takes a back seat. So how amusingly synchronized it is that today’s tarot post is about the fours of each suit! Four – the number of stability and control. Symbolic of earth and the four seasons, the four archetypal elements, standing for rational organization and also speaking of the human condition. Three of these in a spread are said to tell you to get busy, to industriously apply yourself to your own condition; four of them promise rest and peace.

Pentacles 4
Is it unfair that I always think of the four of Pentacles as the “Miser’s card”? Possibly. I really would like, for once, to simply see it as the Pagan 2000 presents it —merely being in control of one’s money. But I wonder …is it more a sign that the money controls the holder? Perhaps once you get enough of it to cover the basics, you are afraid of losing that stability and grow a bit mad about money? Ideally, that would be the meaning of this card reversed; but I find it does often seem a slippery slope from the “proper” meaning of material stability and powerful use of the same into avarice and holding on too tightly.

Wands 4
The four of Wands, taking it to mean “fire” and ignoring the Pagan 2000 attribution to Air (tho’ as I often have confessed, that is my own gut feeling more often than not), seems best represented by the “Cirque” deck. It means the success of a project, harmony and a stable footing for an endeavor that required great will and work. Oddly, more decks than not show it like Walker and the Steampunk decks…associated with great celebration that seems to hearken to wedding pavilions. If it is in a spread with the Lovers or 2 or 10 of cups that would be a very valid reading. Me? I’m sticking with the “Cirque” deck’s unification of “fire” from below and above through the lenses of their wands….Lord of Perfected Work indeed!
The reversal of this can mean quiet before a great stormy effort, or obstacles and delays to success. I usually see this as the final push that requires marshaling of the will to finish the job.

Cups 4

Odd that four being the number of stability that it seems so ‘off’ in the Cups, isn’t it? And I wonder if it tells us something integral about human psychology, because this card speaks of our inability to be satisfied. It seems to say that as soon as shit quits hitting the fan, we fall into boredom and pipe dreams. Nothing is WRONG, but we are dissatisfied. Perhaps it tells us to readjust our focus, to examine our perceptions and recognize what is going right? It could suggest we are stagnant in some fashion of our emotional lives, settling for what we can get instead of what we need? This is one of those cards that means almost the same thing reversed. Either way it appears, I read it for myself as a “Take stock, count your blessings and if still unhappy, get off your ass and do something besides bitch about it” card!

Swords 4

An awful lot of the suit of swords makes you go “Oh, shit!” when you flip the card up in a reading. The four is less violent than most, suggesting respite and refuge from troubles. One best use it to recover, rest, convalesce and re-charge! For me, this card has often told me when I need to stand down for my own health. Of course, the Pagan 2000, with the fire attribution they used, is going to be completely a-whack, but even if you think of it akin to the Wand meaning, “harmony” isnt’ exactly on the money. Reversed, it usually reads more like Walker’s attribution: seclusion and banishment from normal social life, possibly even imprisonment.

Now…off to the brew store, we need a new pot and more honey because it is the brewing season and we never get bored with cups here since we can fill them with mead and herbal beers!


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