Tarot Tuesday – 13 August – Not Triplicate, Exactly

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08/13/2013 by syrbal-labrys

(Confession: August so saps me that I admit, some of these posts are “canned” —filed away at midnight insomniac attacks, or on a blissfully cloudy cool day, stashed by date in case I was so pounded into prostration by summer that I couldn’t post coherently on the applicable Tuesday. When I am not heat/dry hammered, I take the canned post and update it accordingly. Sometimes snarkily.)

The Threes of the four suits! Threes generally connote synthesis – as in the solitary splendor of a one meeting duality in the two and coming out with something blendingly new. (Does that mean tequila (one) plus the two of ice and lime juice (two) in the blender synthesizes margaritas? Ahem. Yeah, summer makes me want to synthesize cooling beverages…back on topic now.) Threes almost always mean a sort of commitment for me in readings, a firm step in a dedicated direction. Four of them in one spread allegedly reports that at the highest level, but a mere three of this kind in a spread speaks of deceit? What is that, a kind of logic/grammar rule? Two positives equal a negative kind of reasoning? ::::Sigh:::: Trying to think through that sort of thing in the heat makes me flit back to longing stares at my idle Vitamixer.
Pentacles 3

Pentacles, the suit of the material. Money, business and all is clearly intended…where the “Pagan 2000” got “debt” as a meaning is beyond me. The “Cirque” deck is much more the forecast of a dignified presentation…manifestation of effort in a task leads to success! The Steampunk deck is emblematic of the idea of a new beginning — putting up the official sign of ‘open for business’ and you might just catch a hint of the idea of “right effort” taking you in the right direction. Reversed, this card speaks, if not necessarily of debt, of wanting to make money fast…no long term gain in mind. It can also speak of opportunity missed through timidity. And if seen in conjunction with the Magician, it can connote a particularly solitary endeavor.

Swords 3

The trey of Swords is one of my least favorite cards. No matter what the presentation — upright or reversed, someone is going to be in tears. This card wasn’t designated “The Lord of Sorrow” for nothing. The most benign meaning I’ve ever found is sorrow brought on by knowledge…the encapsulation of the reverse of the old saw about ignorance being bliss, I guess. The Cirque deck says it prettily, the Steampunk deck shows the gears much more than monkey-wrench halted, but Walker’s stark portrayal really adequately sums up what this card has meant for me in readings. Even reversed, it still means loss, and often treachery….at best, confusion on a grand and devastating scale.
(Personal note: I got this card multiple times in readings before my final trip to Mexico on a Christmas Eve morning in 2010, and thought it meant the misery of my step mother lying with a broken hip.
No, it meant the mind-fucking grief that would be mine when I learned she had NOT gone to the hospital with the money I deposited in her account; mad with alcohol-induced something-or-the-fuck-ever, she was still lying on a piss-soaked sofa, planning to ‘heal’ on her own and use the money to move to New Mexico. Mexican friends helped get her to a hospital against her will where a surgeon took my orders to repair the very bad break. She refused all physical therapy, her hip froze and she could not walk or sit. After a despairing week of her refusing to cooperate we drove home telling her we could not help her if she would not help herself. Two years later, we got indefinite word of her death via phone messages from her, saying she was dying and ashes would be sent. No ashes, no sign of her at former address, no way to trace what became of her body.)

Wands 3

With the three of Wands, again the Pagan 2000 deck goes off on a tangent. Sure, a chair with three legs might be unstable, but this card is more like a three legged milking stool — immoveable. It is the “waiting” card…not sitting on ass doing nothing, but actively waiting for effort of will to pay off. Your bet has been placed, so to speak; and having put yourself in the right place at the right time, you expect our ship to sail in with the pay-off to your effort. Walker’s definition of “Fate” leaves me unimpressed as too indefinite. I like both the Cirque and Steampunk representations, and if the portrayal is usually a night-time watching/waiting? Well, it warns of the meaning of an ill-dignified card: the ship might be empty, expectations can be disappointed. Or one could be daydreaming of payoffs NOT prepared for in advance. Also, a reversal of this card can mean one is too proud to accept help to land that awaited ship!

Cups 3

The Cups card is a trilogy of joy, it seems…the “Lord of Abundance” in contrast to the grim Swords. I always think of women getting together when I see this card, women laughing over coffee or cups of wine/mead/beer! It speaks to me of friendship and good times and has diddly to do with the stupid Pagan 2000 card’s grim legend. Upright, the card forecasts happy conclusions, renewed health, and births….if not always of babies, of new ventures and efforts. Even reversed, it speaks not of rejection, but of self-indulgence and idleness — decadence on a minor scale.

And oh, alas….all those cups render me thirsty again! Alas, no women to party with, I must return to duty instead!

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